(Organic India) Triphala Powder (100kg)
Product Name:Organic India Triphala PowderVolume: 100kgMade in:India Benifits: Improves Digestion. Removes Fat Deposits & toxins from the intestines. Rich in natural Vitamin C. Abundant in Antioxidants. Balances Healthy acid/ alkaline levels. Direcion Of Use: 1 level teaspoonful (2.8g) mixed with...
Rs. 225.00
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(Organic India) Moringa powder (100kg)
Product Name:Organic India   Moringa powderVolume: 100kgMade in:India Benifits: Moringa leaves have 4 times more Beta-Carotene ( raw form of Vitamin A) than that of carrots.  17 times more calcium than that of milk.  25 times more iron than that of...
Rs. 225.00
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(Organic India) Wheat Grass (100kg)
Product Name:Organic India  Wheat Grass Volume: 100kgMade in:India Benifits: Safe and recommended for long term use. Anti Aging, helps keeping young. Detoxificant  Keep the intestine healthy. Support immunity, helps keep infection away. Helps improve energy level. Supports treatment of cancer. Improves health of blood cells and hemoglobin level. Protect against harmful effects of radiation. Helps Regenerate Healthy And Strengthens Gums. Removes badodour of...
Rs. 395.00
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(Organic India) Jaggery Powder (500kg)
Product Name:Organic India Jaggery PowderVolume: 500gmMade in:India Note: Best Before Thirty six Months from Manufacturing Date
Rs. 85.00
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(Organic India)Pink Rock Salt Powder (1Kg )
Product Name:Organic India Pink Rock Salt PowderVolume:1Kg  Made in:IndiaDirection of Use:  Sprinkle on fruits, salads, soups and all other types of foods. Mix with herbs to make seasonings for pizza, pasta, and spaghetti. Ideal for daily cooking and adding flavor.  Ingredients: NUTRITIONAL...
Rs. 140.00
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(Organic India) Stevia (25 Sachets Pack of 3)
Product Name:Organic India Stevia  Volume:25 Sachets Pack of 3Made in:IndiaBenefits: Benefits of ORGANIC INDIA Stevia :- Does not contribute calories to diet Does not cause tooth decay Does not affect blood sugar level Certified organic Aqueous solvent based process, no chemicals involved...
Rs. 95.00
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(Organic India) Quinoa (500g)
Product Name:Organic India Quinoa  - Organic Protein Rich SuperfoodVolume:25 Tea BagsMade in:IndiaBenefits: Protein Rich (Contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids). High in Dietary Fiber Food. Abundant in Vitamins and Minerals, Whole Grain. Cholesterol Free and Low Fat. Low GI Rating. Fast...
Rs. 295.00
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(Organic India) Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea (25 Tea Bags)
Product Name:Organic India Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea - Stress Relieving & ElevatingVolume:25 Tea Bags Made in:IndiaBenefits: Supports the Immune System Helps Fight Illness,Cough & Cold Powerful Adaptogen Supports the Immune System Uplifts Mood Builds Stamina Reduces Stress Improves Digestion and Metabolism...
Rs. 154.00
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